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  • Breitling House Pool1

We are pleased to introduce Breitling House our newest acquisition.

Breitling House is located next door to Carmelita Villas but with its own entrance and offers complete privacy while still enjoying the benefits and services offered by our main resort.

This self contained property is a three (3) bedroom, two (2) bathroom design with its own gorgeous private pool set in a tranquil rainforest garden, lined with flowers and trees.  We can accommodate six (6) in the three separate bedrooms, each of which boasts our luxurious Simmons Beautyrest queen beds.

You can expect the same luxury and value we provide at Carmelita Villas but with the added enjoyment of your own self contained space and amenities.

While we wait to have our photo and video done professionally, you can visit Breitling House Facebook page at:

We can’t wait for you to enjoy our newest Vacation Rental; Breitling House. Renovations are complete and we can’t wait for you to experience both Carmelita Villas and Breitling House together with your group of twenty two (22) or each individual property! We are ready at Breitling House to start accepting your reservations!

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